Monday, September 24, 2012

All I wanted was Perf Counters

We've been busy upgrading our endpoints and therefore there have been some reinstalls. NSB has some perf counters built-in to help you understand the relative health of your endpoint, (you can add your own). We still wanted those and therefore ran the Infrastructure installers. Then the fun started. Much to our admins chagrin, MSMQ got re-installed along with RavenDB(which we don't use). Everyone got all grumpy so I went off into the code(3.2.6) to check and make sure we had everything straight. Here is the summary I gave to our admins: Runmefirst.bat – this runs NServiceBus.Host.exe with the “/installInfrastructure” switch. This will install anything if it is not there or does not meet its requirements. NServiceBus.Host.exe – when installing the windows service, you can also use the “/installInfrastructure” switch. All OOTB profiles have “RunInfrastructureInstallers” = false. A custom profile can control this and be able to choose whether to run the install or not. When it comes to perf counters, it used to be the case that on startup if they didn’t exist, they would be created. In v3, the installation stuff has been moved and will pick up anything that implements a given interface. I don’t see a way currently to pick and choose what gets installed OOTB. So my advice would be to avoid running the infrastructure installers and we’ll just create a powershell script, or a custom profile, to isolate the perf counter install. Here is a sample of the script(non-validated) that I gave them:
$pc = New-Object NServiceBus.Unicast.Monitoring.PerformanceCounterInstaller $pc.Install([WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent());
To follow up we opened a issue to get granular control over installation of infrastructure specifically.

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